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Robert Morgan Educational Center Students Shine at 20th Annual HTM Competition: Celebrating Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism Management


Students from Robert Morgan Educational Center achieved remarkable success at the 20th Annual Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Competition, clinching 3rd place overall and adding another feather to their cap with a 3rd place win in the Knowledge Bowl Competition. The HTM program, a vital component of high school education in Florida, introduces approximately 2,000 students annually to the multifaceted hospitality and tourism industry.

Emphasizing a global perspective and championing diversity, the HTM curriculum equips students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills essential for success in the industry. A distinguishing feature of the program is its industry-driven approach, where over 60 leaders from the hospitality sector actively contribute as subject matter experts. This ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and aligned with the evolving needs of hospitality employers worldwide.

The annual state-level competition serves as a platform for HTM students across Florida to showcase their expertise honed in the classroom. Florida stands out as the sole state to host such a statewide competition for the HTM program, underscoring its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in the hospitality sector.

The commendable performance of students from Robert Morgan Educational Center reflects their dedication, hard work, and the effectiveness of the HTM program in cultivating skilled and competitive individuals. As they celebrate their well-deserved success, these students serve as inspiring ambassadors for the next generation of hospitality and tourism professionals, poised to make significant contributions to the industry’s continued growth and innovation.