The NAF Academies of Miami-Dade County Public Schools

M-DCPS NAF Lead Teachers Shine as Finalists for Prestigious Francisco R. Walker District Teacher of the Year


In a remarkable achievement for Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS), two outstanding NAF Lead teachers have emerged as finalists for the prestigious 2025 Francisco R. Walker District Teacher of the Year award. The recognition not only underscores their individual excellence but also highlights the strength of the NAF  programs within the district.

Alina Hughes, the Lead Teacher at Robert Morgan Educational Center’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, secured her place as the M-DCPS South Region Teacher of the Year. Her dedication to shaping the future leaders of the hospitality industry has not only earned her local acclaim but has also positioned her as a contender for the district-wide honor.

Similarly, Nick Acosta, the Lead Teacher at Miami Springs Senior High’s Academy of Trade & Logistics, has been named the M-DCPS Central Region Teacher of the Year. His commitment to fostering excellence within the realm of trade and logistics has set him apart as a standout educator.

What makes this achievement even more exceptional is that these two NAF Lead teachers represent half of the finalists in the running for the coveted district-wide award. M-DCPS proudly boasts the largest NAF Network in the country and stands tall with the highest number of Distinguished academies.

The NAF educational model, emphasizing industry-specific curriculum and real-world learning experiences, has clearly contributed to the success of these exemplary educators. As they vie for the district-wide accolade, the entire community eagerly anticipates the outcome, knowing that the impact of their teaching extends far beyond the classroom.

The success of Alina Hughes and Nick Acosta in reaching the finals for the Francisco R. Walker District Teacher of the Year is a testament to the commitment of M-DCPS to providing students with high-quality education, preparing them for success in both college and career. The district celebrates their achievements and eagerly awaits the announcement of the overall winner, confident that whichever way the decision swings, it reflects the dedication and excellence of educators within M-DCPS