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EdFed Revolutionizes Financial Education with the Launch of Mobile Banking at Miami-Dade County Public Schools


The Educational Federal Credit Union – EdFed, the official credit union of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, celebrated a groundbreaking moment yesterday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Miami Edison Senior High, marking the launch of its innovative Mobile Banking program. This initiative aims to bring hands-on financial education to students, empowering them with real-world experience in banking operations. 

The event witnessed the unveiling of EdFed’s state-of-the-art mobile branch, set to visit 12 M-DCPS schools. These mobile branches will serve as interactive learning hubs, allowing Academy of Finance students to actively engage in various banking activities under the guidance of EdFed staff.

“The students are the ones doing all the transactions and the adults are the ones overseeing it,” said Yolette Mezadieu, Academy of Finance lead teacher at Miami Edison Senior High. “So if I wanted to make a deposit, they would do my transaction, they take my ID, put my moneyin the account.”

The collaboration between EdFed and M-DCPS emphasizes a commitment to providing practical and immersive learning experiences for students pursuing careers in finance. 

Several key people were in attendance to help celebrate the occasion, including Dr. Jose Dotres, Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. “I started when I graduated from high school, what did I do? My first job was at a bank,” he said. “We always have to strive to provide opportunities to lift the student expererience and this is precisely what it’s doing.” 

As the Mobile Banking program unfolds across schools, it is expected to become a model for integrating practical, industry-relevant experiences into the education system.