The NAF Academies of Miami-Dade County Public Schools

STEM Advisory Board Tours Miami Sunset Academy


The Miami-Dade STEM NAF Advisory Board met on December 15, 2017 at Miami Sunset Senior High School, which has three STEM NAF Academies of Engineering, Health Sciences, and Information Technology, as well as a NAF academies in the areas of Finance, Hospitality and Tourism. The school’s Hospitality and Tourism culinary students created and served breakfast for the board members.  Six STEM academy students shared their internship experiences with the advisory board, and Principal John Lux gave a presentation of the school’s achievements and academy best practices. After which, the board members and staff attended the grand opening of the school’s new Cybersecurity Academy’s computer lab. Their new innovative lab was sponsored by a grant from JPMorgan Chase, and includes double monitors on all student computer stations, furniture and chairs designed to be inviting and facilitate online and collaborative learning. Members also toured the Multimedia and Communications lab, the other strand of Sunset’s NAF Academy of IT which also features furniture and areas designed for collaborative team projects. These students showcased their graphic design work, as well as a team project with students in Russia.