The NAF Academies of Miami-Dade County Public Schools

2021 NAF Mega Student Industry Virtual Conference Huge Success


In addition to the 2,563 conference student and educator attendees, 1,086 attendees visited the college and career expo. 460 Expo booths had interactions with attendees. Keynote speaker, David Gandell received rave reviews including 97% excellent/good survey responses. The breakout session speakers had above 78 % satisfaction rating. Six internship providers interviewed approximately 80 students. Overall, the day was a huge success, and the corporate and post-secondary partners were pleased with the outcome. Dr. Lupe Ferran Diaz applauded David Gandell’s inspiration to everyone and praised the amazing job done by Carlos Vazquez and his EdTech team as well as the leadership of James Osteen and the student industry conference task force. The social media was fantastic, and the task force took advantage of the sponsored technology.